Bruno says the poll will measure the popularity of political parties in Dominica

In the next two weeks or so, Dominicans will get to know the results of a poll which is seeking to measure the popularity of the political parties that will be contesting the next general election, constitutionally due in 2020.

Pollster, Alex Bruno, who is pursuing a PhD in political science told DNO that he expects to release the results of the poll, which is now being conducted, on the 29th of May. He said the poll will be different from one which he conducted last year in that it will be looking at party popularity instead of gauging the strength of individual political candidates in specific constituencies.

“The difference between candidates and party is that the candidates are the people who win elections; the parties form governments. So that, the candidate Skerrit does not win an election although people might tell you is he they vote for but it doesn’t work that way in politics. You vote for candidates and the party with the majority of candidates, forms the government,” Bruno explained.”So we just wanted to see at this juncture; which party works for the people in terms of their general opinion and that’s what this survey mainly sets out to do.”

The newest party to join the political fray in Dominica, The People’s Party of Dominica (PPOD) will be part of the poll along with the three established parties- DLP, UWP and DFP.

Bruno has disclosed that the poll was commissioned by a political party and although he would not provide additional details to DNO, he said the name of the commissioning entity will be revealed when the results are announced on May 29, 2018.