Nine have been chosen to meet reigning calypso monarch Karessah at the finals of the competition, but two-time king Observer and experienced calypsonian Bobb are not among the finalists.

Calypso critics have been closely listening to Observer’s vocals, and believe this may have cost him a spot in the finals this time around. As for Bobb, his years of experience did not make him immune to errors at the semi-finals at the Newtown Savannah. Bobb apparently sang a particular verse in his song twice.

However, Mighty Lugas and Peter Pros will get a taste of the finals for the first time.

Lugas appeared to have thrilled patrons with his performance of “Internet Children: They want it now”, a song penned by long-time writer, Ian Jackson. And Peter Pros improved his stage presence at Saturday’s semi-finals, for his song “Worst Speaker” and satisfied the judges enough to secure a place in the finals.

Dice, Soul Puss, Explosion, Tasha P, Leandra, Checker and Sye are the others who will meet Karessah in the finals of the 2011 calypso competition.