The stage is all set for the show

The stage is set and all systems are ready for the staging of the 2018 Dominica Calypso Association (DCA) quarterfinals at the Newtown Savannah on January 13, 2018.

Former calypso monarch, Dennison “Dice” Joseph is among the 33 calypsonians who will be vying for a spot in the semifinals.

Dice will be singing at number 10 with his song entitled “Looters.”

Phael “De Healer” Lander, into his second year on the big stage, will be batting at number one with his song “Advice from kaiso Legends,” followed by newcomer Elisha “De Asmis” Charles with “Play with de Cat.”

Speaking to DNO in an exclusive interview, Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the DCA, Davidson “Observer” Victor, said that they are bang on point and ready for the action.

“We are ready and ready to go. All the calypsonians have practiced, the dipping has taken place and the ground is in top shape ready for the action on the night of January 13, 2018,” Observer said.

Observer will be competing at number 14 with and his song entitled “Hope Dominica.”

“The show will start as usual bang on time at 8:30 pm with a few guest artists to sing before the actual commencement of the competition to test the system to make sure that all is well and in order…33 big calysonians with 33 massive calypsos,” he said.

He stated that the DCA is asking for a “small contribution of EC$30.00.”

“Thirty dollars to enter, we have not changed anything and when you calculate the entry fee, it’s not a price, it’s a contribution and you are paying less than a dollar for a calypsonian…by any standards, this is massive so we expect to have a massive, massive crowd,” he remarked.

Observer added, “WE have to make a statement at the quarters, Dominicans made a statement at the elimination with a huge crowd and as we go along we expect big and big crowds to tell Madam Maria that she has not won and we are standing and standing up strong.”

Competitors will be judged on lyrics (35 points), melody (35 points), rendition (20 points), and presentation (10 points).