AMP members raise their hands in support of the project at a recent meeting of the Association. Photo credit: Daryl Bobb

The Association of Music Professionals (AMP) is calling on all songwriters in Dominica to submit songs for consideration for an upcoming recording project which is the first phase of a project designed to promote Dominica’s music in the French West Indies, Europe, Africa, the Indian Ocean and the USA.

Speaking with Dominica News Online, President of AMP, McCarthy Marie, described the venture is a “market opening exercise,” following a series of training exercises hosted by the organization.

The submitted songs should be prepared to the best technical level possible although a simple clear vocal with a single harmonic instrument accompaniment (guitar or piano) is also acceptable.

A total of ten songs will be selected that will appeal the most to the public on a national, regional and international level.

“We will choose those ten and we will have five singers to sing them. We will announce the names of the singers in due course. When that is finished, we then we move on to having five 15-minute films made, one on each artist which will incorporate a video clip expected to take place in July/August,” he said.

It must be noted, that, according to Marie, there is “no obligation” that the writer of a song submitted and selected to move on, will be the singer of the song that he or she wrote.

“The choice of songs would be played and then allocated to the singers. So the singers would sing the song that is best suited. It doesn’t exclude a person submitting a song and then being chosen to sing and singing his own song,” Marie remarked.

According to him, the recording itself is expected to take place during the month of June.

Caribbean Sky View will be the organization responsible for filming the series of short films that showcase the songs of the ten individuals selected, and will be played on avenues across the world including TRACE Tropical in Africa and France.

The selected individuals will be doing three on stage performances in Martinique, Guadeloupe and France during the month of November, where their performances will be recorded.

Songwriters should note that the styles of music that will be considered for this project are Bouyon and Cadence – old school, modern or avant-garde, and will only be considered for the project from songwriters who are members of a collective management organization such as ECCO, PRS, SACEM etc or who are actively taking steps to become members of such an organization.

Songs can be submitted on CD or Flash drives in a sealed envelope at DEXIA’s office on Dame Eugenia Charles Boulevard to the attention of Craig Stedman.

These physical media should have the name(s) of the writers clearly marked; the title of the song and the genre. Additionally, the songs should be placed in an envelope marked “Song Submission for AMP Project” with the name(s) of the writers on the envelope.

The lyrics of the song should be included in the envelope, preferably typed and they can be in any language.

The AMP meeting generated much discussion among members on the project. Photo: Daryl Bobb