The artistes who will be performing at the event

A number of budding Kalinago singers and entertainers will be performing at the Jazz à la Pointe festival this weekend in Martinique which organizers say will give them much exposure in that French island.

Their participation in the event was made possible by local company, Kalinago Tours and Art Power, an association of French musicians based in Martinique.

“We are collaborating for the very first time where we are giving budding artistes in the Kalinago Territory the opportunity to be introduced to the Martinique audience,” Kevin Dangleben of Kalinago Tours told DNO on Friday.

He said the artistes and singers will be performing a number of musical presentations at the festival. They are Francina Valmond, Brenan Bruney and Richard Frederick.

Accompanying the artistes are members of the Kalinago Dancers Cultural Group who will be performing dances of the Kalinago people.

Dangleben said the group will also host an exhibition on Dominica’s tourism as well as various aspects of the Kalingo heritage.

“We believe this venture is a very significant one because it gives these budding artistes an introduction to the French audience and hopefully they will start networking with more established artistes on the other side and hopefully they will get repeat requests where they could return to perform,” he explained.

Dangleben stated that the event will show that there is talent among the Kalinago people.

“We are hoping that this is not going to be a one-shot thing,” he stated. “We are starting small but the intention is to evaluate it quickly and then start planning for bigger things to come.”

He said that the artistes’ participation in the festival is supported by the Discover Dominica Authority.

The group left Dominica for Martinique on Friday morning.