Davison ‘Observer’ Victor is a veteran calypsonian and two-time Calypso King

Davidson ‘Observer’ Victor has been appointed the new President of the Dominica Calypso Association (DCA).

There are also two new additions to the association’s executive who, Victor says, will bring quite a bit of experience to the body.

“It is not about me, first and foremost because there is no ‘me’ in Calypso and there is no ‘I’ in Calypso. It is a team effort and we have a very good executive in terms of the two new additions: Gregory Riviere who brings quite a bit of experience in terms of Executive Management and also Shirley Charles [Lady S] who is also a teacher,” he said during a live Interview on State-Owned DBS Radio on Friday morning.

Victor continued, “We expect from this two new executive members to bring some new energy, some new ideas to what’s already existing.”

According to him, part of the agenda as president in order to move calypso forward, is to ensure that calypsonians pay more attention to their own business.

“One of the things we would like to do is to ensure that calypsonians pay a little more attention to their own business and participate a lot more in their business and show a little more interest,” he stated.

Victor says the association also plans to encourage radio stations and DJ’s to play more calypsos.

 “A lot of the reggae songs and reggae artistes and the other soca artistes who came to perform at Creole Festival, they are invited here because their songs are being played very often on the stations and people are getting to like them and know them, and get familiar with them and as a result of that they are accepted here to perform,” Victor explained. “We would like to see that same level of play given to calypso.”

Describing as good, the contribution of former DCA President, Deryck ‘De Hunter’ St Rose, he said the executive expects St. Rose to bring that same level of energy, “same experience that he had as President, to also bring it to the table, and just work as a unit to make sure that we can get things going.”

Meantime, the new president announced that the Calypso Eliminations is set for January 5th, 2019, the Quarter Final for February 2nd, Semi-Finals February 16th and the Grand Calypso Finals, March 2nd.

The new DCA executive comprises Davidson “Observer” Victor – President, Murphy “Sye” Jno. Jules – Vice President,Daryl “De Bobb” Bobb – Secretary, Narraine “Trendsetter” Murphy, Kelvin “Ras Kelly” Williams – Assistant Treasurer, Deryck “De Hunter” St. Rose – PRO.

Committee members are Gregory “Karessah” Riviere, Shirley “Lady S” Charles and Arthur “Bassie” Pascal.