Section of the parade

Labor Day kicked off in New York City with Dominicans parading and dancing along Eastern Parkway, to Jing-Ping music in  cultural attire and flags flying high.

With cameras and the media racing for interviews and photos, the day was well spent embracing the vibrant and unique Dominican culture. Members of Know Your Culture dance group were on hand, sponsoring their own Jing-Ping band of talented Dominican men, musical instruments and some of  the cultural wear for revelers.

Amongst the group were Karifuna kids and Mrs. Ann Timothy, ladies in the Wob Dwiyet, and a sensay. With great effort from Know Your Culture’s CEO/founder, Sabina George-Mingo, Dominica’s Culture was exposed with great pride for all to see.

Giftus John was a photographer on hand, Anne Marie Clarke of Edominica Promotions and Dj Wadix displayed a banner promoting Dominica’s 15th annual World Creole Music Festival.

It is with great appreciation to all our revelers, sponsors and supporters, that Labor day 2011, was of great success.