Dice(top) (l-r)Scrunter, Tasha P, Observer. Photo credit: Zaimis Olmos

Four former monarchs, Dice, Tasha P, Scrunter and Observer will be part of the line up at the semifinals of this year’s calypso competition.

After years of absence from calypso competition, three-time monarch, Scrunter, appeared to have convinced the judges with his song, “Scrunter must go back” delivered with his usual antics and showmanship.

The four are among twenty who were chosen in the quarterfinal round which was held at the New Town Savannah on Saturday 13th January.

The other semifinalists are Third Eye, Comforter, Checko, Trendsetter, Jamma B, Haxey, Lugars, Checker, Genius, Stefan, Bobb, Sye, Chris B, Jaydee, Shadow Flow and Alisha.

No newcomer made it to the semifinals this year.

Hundreds of calypso fans braved the pouring rain and muddy conditions at the New Town Savannah to witness the quarterfinal battle.

On January 27th, in the semifinals, the selected calypsonians will joust for a place in the final eleven to meet reigning monarch, Karessa.

The grand calypso final will be held on February 10.