Moore is the first ever Miss Green Gala

Moore is the first ever Miss Green Gala

“I feel satisfied and I am very much elated to be the first ever winner for the Green Gala.”

These were the words of 20-year-old Khadijah Moore who was crowned the first ‘Green Gala’ Queen.

Moore who is an English and Literature major at the Dominica State College (DSC) outperformed four other participants to have secured that title.

The contestants competed in various segments including Creative Recyclable Costume, Evening Wear, Speech and Question& Answer at a competition held at the Arawak House of Culture on Saturday.

The Green Gala Queen also received the awards for Best Natural Evening Wear, Best in Natural Evening Wear, Best Speech and Miss Amity.

She told Dominica News Online that this is the first time a pageant on environmental sustainability was held “and being able to emerge victorious is just a blessing in itself.”

Moore stated that her aim is to contribute to meaningful, sustainable changes on and around the College campus.

“First, I believe we should develop a recycling program to properly manage our waste but implementation of three R’s, we can close the loop on waste at the Dominica State College,” she explained. “Furthermore, the campus is relatively new and it is only logical to take stride in incorporating a ‘small’ efficient lighting system where motion sensors are put into place to aid in the reduction of electricity wastage.”

There were a few challenges along the way during preparations, but Moore stated that she was able to, “get on top of things by prioritizing and proper time management.”

The first runner up position was secured by Jayanne Pierre of the Biology Club depicting ‘Under the Sea’.

She received the award for Best Response to Question.

Johanna Faustin, who represented the Debating Club, grabbed the second runner up position and copped the awards for Best Creative Recyclable Costume and Best in Creative Recyclable Costume. She depicted ‘Waterfalls.’

Shervonie Hilary, who represented the Chess Club, secured the Preserved Award for being very diligent. She depicted ‘Sunset/Sunrise’.

The other participant was Kenisha Hadeed, of the Glee Club, who depicted ‘Moonlit Night’

The event saw the involvement of the clubs in the campus ecosystem and four clubs of the DSC competed under various themes for the Green Gala title.

The clubs involved were; the Business League (rainforest), Glee Club (Moonlit night), Debating Club (Waterfalls), Biology Club (Under the sea) and Chess Club (Sunrise/Sunset).

The Green Gala competition was organized by the Environmental Club of the Dominica State College (DSC).

Proceeds of the show are expected to be used to place signage around DSC as a constant reminder to all of their environmental obligations and to place trash bins around the upper campus.