2018 calypso king Daryl Bobb

Dominica’s reigning 2018 calypso monarch Daryl “De Bobb” Bobb has announced that as part of his civil duties as calypso monarch of Dominica, he has decided to sponsor four children between the ages of 10-15 years to assist them with school supplies.

Bobb was crowned calypso monarch of Dominica after knocking at the door for the past 17 years.

“ I have visited several institutions as calypso king of Dominica,” he said and added that as monarch, he has spoken at several graduation ceremonies.

“I have also decided to sponsor two boys and two girls from the lesser developed areas in the vicinity of Roseau from Yam Piece/ Tarish Pit etc,” he said.

According to Bobb, he has been “very passionate” about the entire situation and has already started teaching one of the boys how to play the guitar.

He explained that his passion to help children stems from the realization that he has not always been there for his children since he devoted more time to music which he said has made him what he is today.

“I wanted it there to be a gender balance and so, made it two boy and two girls…they are of single mothers…they are obedient to their mothers and or fathers and bring in good grades. I am very proud of them and I have been doing that now for a while.  I am providing them with school stuffs and motivating them. It has been fun I am now helping one to play the guitar,” Bobb said.

He continued, “I am doing this with the help of friends across the globe, the Dominica Houston Association (DHA) who have expressed an interest in adopting one child, Jeff LeBlanc in Houston, Lucille Royer in Miami, and Larry Balthazar in New York. My next initiative will be a Christmas party on December 8, 2018 at the Dominica Calypso Association House.”

The Christmas party, to be hosted in collaboration with Courts Dominica, will see over 60 children assemble at the calypso house and with their parents, will be tutored in matters of health.