Action from a past Lagoon Street Jam

Hundreds of Dominicans and visitors are expected to flood Roseau tonight Monday, February 5, 2018, for the annual Lagoon Street Jam.

Band leader of the Swing Stars and Chief Organizer of the event, Norman Letang said they are set and ready for the action.

“As usual we think that this year’s 2018 Lagoon street Jam is going to be very big,” he said. “I always try to estimate the crowd and it is usually about 5,000. This year, because of the situation, it will start earlier and we may very well get more people. I am looking forward to seeing the thousands of people who will be at the event.”

He also stated that as usual, the Swinging Stars will be at the Stardom Tent which will also be having the Monarch of the tent this week February 7, 2018.

“Last year was “massive” and this year should be even bigger…we have lots of Dominicans who are back home who will want to see and hear the calypsos. We need to tell people that on Carnival Sunday afternoon we will be in Layou with Triple Kay and on Carnival Monday we will be in Mahaut but on Carnival Tuesday we will be on the streets of Roseau from 10am to 6pm,” he stated.

The Lagoon Street Jam begins at 8:00 pm.

Norman Letang is chief organizer of the event