Leslassa Armour-Shillingford

Leslassa Armour-Shillingford

It is now officially confirmed that Leslassa Armour-Shillingford will represent Dominica at the 63 edition of Miss World pageant to be held in Indonesia on September 28, 2013.

Armour-Shillingford will be supported by the Discover Dominica Authority through the Dominica Festival Committee.

“Through Leslassa’s National and Regional participation and success, we have every faith that she will make Dominica proud at the Miss World Pageant 2013,” said Colin Piper, CEO/Director of Tourism said on Monday. “In our quest for 90,000,visitors by 2015, the rallying cry has been for unity, one concerted effort, and this is no different, we must all rally in support of Leslassa. ”

The Authority’s believe that Miss Dominica’s participation at the Miss World Pageant will have tremendous promotional benefits to Dominica and as such has pledged all possible support and assistance to Miss Dominica 2013, and her team in making this venture possible.

Armour-Shillingford holds three regional titles in addition to her Miss Dominica 2013. She has been crowned Miss Carival in St Vincent & the Grenadines, Miss Jaycees International in Antigua and Miss Caribbean Culture in Nevis, as well as First Runner up in the Miss Caribbean World Pageant.

Below is a full list of titles and awards at pageants she participated in:
Miss Dominica 2013 – Best Costume, Best Performing Talent, Best Swimwear & Best in Swimwear.
Miss Caribbean World 1st Runner-Up – Best Swimwear & Miss Photogenic
Miss Carival 2013 – Best Talent, Best Evening Wear, Best Interview & Miss Photogenic
Miss Jaycees International 2013 – Most Photogenic, Best Swimwear, Best Talent & Best Interview
Miss Caribbean Culture Queen 2013 –  Best Interview

She plans to continue with her platform of holistic education which takes into consideration the child’s academic, emotional and social development.

Some 116 delegates from around the world have already been confirmed to participate in the pageant.

Contestants will be visiting a variety of iconic locations including Bali and Jakarta, pristine beaches, awe inspiring temples, and areas of outstanding natural beauty around Indonesia.

This will be the 1st edition of Miss World without a swimsuit event. This after protests from hard-line Muslims threatened to force the pageant out of Indonesia.

Dominica was first represented at the pageant in 1978 by Mona Jno Lewis in London.

Dominica's representative at the 1978 Miss World pageant, Mona Jno Lewis

Dominica’s representative at the 1978 Miss World pageant, Mona Jno Lewis