Jordon Jerome (GK) said he was robbed at gunpoint near his home in Goodwill

Imagine being robbed just two minutes from your home at gun-point, having your only source of employment (your camera) literally stolen from you under the threat of being shot dead. You watch helplessly as your partner, your loved one is also forced to give up their personal items and phone to this life-threatening attacker.

For many Dominicans this maybe the type of story one expects  to hear of in a distant foreign country, there it may not even make the news,  but certainly not in Dominica. Yet, this is exactly what Jordon Jerome says happened to him and his girlfriend on their way to his home in Goodwill in November of this year. Jerome also known as GK lost his camera ,his main source of income, and suddenly found himself without a means of making a living. This unfortunate tale could have ended here, but a prominent someone heard Jordan’s story.

Michele Henderson accomplished Dominican singer/songwriter and international performing artist has stepped up to make a difference.  She has launched DA Creative United a group aimed at supporting artistes, directors and other creatives in Dominica (see video below).

Gofundme page for Jordon Jerome also known as GK