The Midnight Groovers

The Midnight Groovers will be leaving Dominica on Thursday for an historic tour of the US.

The band is expected to perform in several key cities including Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York City and Hartford, Connecticut.

The eight-member group will makes its first stop in Los Angeles where they will perform for an audience mostly drawn from the Caribbean community there.

The group will then travel to Atlanta where it will be hosted by Dominican community leaders and Dominican associations based there.

There will be a performance at a major cultural event on May 25 where the Dominican community will formally recognize the musical contribution of Midnight Groovers and Jeff Joseph.

Contributions from that event will go towards a scholarship fund set up in honor of the cadence legend while the band will be formally honored for its contribution and development of cadence-lypso music.

From Atlanta the group leaves for New York and Connecticut where performances have been organized for the following weekend.

Midnight Groovers is expected in Dominica on Pentecost Monday in time for scheduled performances at Fete Isidore.