Dear BellaI am 20 years old and recently travelled to spend some time with my boyfriend, but I decided that I want to stay with him.

My mother has been calling me asking when I am returning and I’ve been replying, “I don’t know”.

Bella, I love my mom but sometimes I feel she always wants me to do what she want and what makes her happy.

I feel I am old enough to make my decisions and she should just guide and support my decisions.

Since I am her only child, and its been only the two of us for a long time, I understand she has issues with letting go but I think its time for her to accept that I am grown.

Bella how do I go about dealing with this?

Need an answer

Dear Need an answer,

I think your mom is concerned about the way you decided to go and ‘stay’ with your boyfriend. You simply just don’t decide to go and spend some time with your boyfriend and decide to stay with him.

While you might be old enough to make your own decision, it would have been nice if you had sat with your mom, explain to her that you have decided to move out to seek a new life and even get her opinion.

It is not too late to talk to your mom on this matter. Tell her that while you understand her concerns, you have decided to move on and seek a new life as an adult.


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