Sixth Form Sisserou Singers in concert

If one did not know where the ‘Choral Treasures’ were previously hidden, you would no longer have the need for X’s to mark their burial spots, foul-tempered and smelly pirates or cryptic treasure maps.

‘Aunty’ Pearl Christian and the Sixth Form Sisserou Singers have found them and chosen to display them for all and sundry to see, hear and feel.

The show features an array of seemingly previously hidden wonders, particularly a splendid, crowd-moving rendition of Toto’s ‘Africa’ and the shoulder-shaking, head-bobingly brilliant edition of Shakira’s ‘Waka Waka’.

PRO of the SFSS Leandra Lander thanked God for the way the public came out to support the group, despite a number of other events simultaneously taking place.

“We have to thank God. The lead up to the show was very challenging but God brought us through and I feel very ecstatic that the public still came out despite the other attractive events this weekend and we say thank you to them. Sisserou Singers are here to stay for always,” she said in gratitude.

The SFSS were gracious enough to cast a spotlight on one of the rubies among them, reigning Calypso Monarch ‘Tasha P’, celebrating her growth and incredible laurels.

But the true diamond of the ‘chest’ was indeed the explosion of color in the folk section, arranged and scripted by the genius that is Pearl Christian and titled ‘Kiss of the La Diables’. Gorgeous pieces, stitched together by a story of love and good triumphing over evil, the segment was simply true to and full of life.

“The show is written by our dear ‘Aunty Pearl’; her mind is just a gem. She comes up with the most unique things. It’s usually ‘Aunty Pearl’ who takes the lead and the group just runs with it,” Lander said laughing.