The WCMF of 2018 will take place in a few weeks. Last year Hurricane Maria caused the cancellation of the event. The last festival was in 2016 and to give our readers a sense of the international quality of the performance of Dominica’s artistes, DNO will present some of the songs from their performances in 2016.
The video below is by Ophelia who is accompanied by the best musicians in Dominica including Andrew “Bird” Bellony of Billomen fame playing a wicked rock guitar solo. The song “Jerusalem” is composed and originally done by ALPA Blondy from the Ivory coast who had a Dominican group of musicians in France as the backbone of his rhythm section for his live performances for many years. The song is in English, French, Arabic and Hebrew.

The video was shot and edited by Caribbean Skyview of Guadeloupe and Martinique.