The dust cloud reportedly rising from the Layou Asphalt Plant

One of the founding members of the Waitukubuli Ecological Foundation, Tyani Behanzin, has expressed grave concern over a dust cloud reportedly triggered every morning by the Layou Asphalt Plant.

According to him this could put the health of Layou residents and workers at the plant at risk.

“That dust cloud carries on most of the day and it is very visible. You see the work men and villagers walking back and forth into it without any protective mask,” he said.

This is something Behanzin said should be looked into by the environmental health department.

“They should have some advisory to the people in the area. That dust cloud has been very thick over the past couple of days. It will be a health problem if it is not addressed. We don’t know what chemicals are in there and what is being inhaled and what is the long term or short term effects,” Behanzin explained.

Behanzin is also concerned about what has been described as a “serious case of soil erosion” in several communities around the island, a result of poor road management.

“The cutting of the grass away from the road has taken a new turn. There is some serious deforestation going on there.  They are cutting down the trees, damaging the roots by removing the foliage; you are making it far more dangerous for users of the road,” he explained.

He said it is even more worrying in the community of Trafalgar, where road cleaners are actually cutting flowers.

Behanzin is calling on those in authority to examine the matter.

Flowers cut by road cleaning crews in Trafalgar.