Illegal crayfish confiscated by police last year

Illegal crayfish confiscated by police last year

Illegal wildlife hunting in Dominica is apparently still a major headache for forestry officials on the island who pointed out that citizens are “just ignoring the law”.

“Even at this stage of the year, there are still reports of people hunting illegally,” Wildlife Conservation Officer, Ronald Charles said.

He said this continues unabated despite the efforts to protect wildlife on the island. He described the matter as ‘perplexing.’

“They are hunting in various parts of the country during the weekend and some days in the weeks,” he added.

According to Charles, the moratorium on hunting of wild life and fishing for fresh water fishes is still on and it will continue so until the public is so advised.

He said the hunting season will open this year to coincide with the country’s independence celebrations, but “we have to wait on the procedure and processes that have to take place.

Charles said the Forestry Division is very concerned about the illegal exportation of wildlife.

“There are still reports about people still attempting to leave the country with wildlife, more specifically crayfish and crabs. It means that they have been hunting during the closed season,” he said.

He said anyone found guilty will be embarrassed and charged.

“We want to remind travelers that they will be embarrassed, they will be taken off the boat, taken off the plane, taken to a police cell, arrested and charged and taken before the court. They can avoid that embarrassment by observing the laws of the country and doing what is right,” he said.