Bernard Etinoffe. Photo credit:

The Dominica Water and Sewerage Company (DOWASCO) says it is still discussing with the St. Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association the possibility of making water available to the organization, in light of drought-like conditions affecting the region.

DOWASCO’s General Manager Bernard Etinoffe today emphasized that DOWASCO has not shipped water to St. Lucia to date, contrary to reports that the company may have begun exporting water to the Caribbean country.

“We have been in discussion for some time with some persons from St. Lucia, in particular, the St. Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association. They have stated quite clearly their water situation, and they were inquiring as to whether they can receive some water from Dominica,” said Etinoffe.

He noted DOWASCO is willing to assist, and once an agreement is reached it can provide water from the Picard intake.

“To date, we have not supplied any water to St. Lucia, nor do we have any agreement to supply water to anybody in St. Lucia. It is purely a discussion up to this point in time … We have not supplied, we are still discussing; however, we are willing to assist.” Etinoffe underscored.