Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, has announced that 244 people now have jobs under a special employment program initiated after the passage of Hurricane Maria.

He spoke on Kairi’s Next Level Program earlier this week.

“So far we have placed 244 people under the special employment programme (and) are now receiving a salary paid for by the government of Dominica… he said.

In January this year, the government announced what was described as a “special employment program” in the wake of the devastating category 5 hurricane which ravaged the island in September 2017.

It said it would target personal job holders made redundant, displaced or otherwise out of a job as a result of Hurricane Maria and will be for both the public and private sectors.

The government also said in January that 1,100 jobs will be created by the program.

The Prime Minister said earlier this week, in addition to the 224 already employed, more will soon have jobs.

“Very soon we will place another batch of people who have applied,” he stated.

He stated another 42 people have been placed in the National Employment Program (NEP) and pointed to the launch of that program in Marigot earlier this week.

He commended those who made themselves available to work under the NEP in Marigot.

“Marigot is ours, Marigot is ours to keep clean, to keep beautiful and to develop and all I can say to the people of Marigot that the government is with you and continues to be with you to help you through your challenges,” Skerrit stated.

He said that $1.5-million was sent to the village council in Marigot to help with fixing roofs and homes and more is on the way.

“The spending is $1.5 (million) and an additional amount will be transferred to help more people in Marigot,” the Prime Minister remarked.