digicel water tank

Digicel is keeping to its commitment to national development, with the distribution of water tanks to primary schools in need. The initiative has been launched following the devastation caused by the passage of Tropical Storm Erika on August 27.

The 1, 000 gallon tanks will assist schools in having a storage of water that is safe for consumption, especially in the event of water outages. The first donation was made on Thursday morning to the Pioneer Preparatory School which was temporarily relocated to Long Lane in Roseau, following damage to its structure by the Tropical Storm in August.

Digicel’s Marketing Manager Nathalie Walsh said: “We are very happy to make this donation to the Pioneer Preparatory School. This will greatly assist in the availability of water that is safe for drinking, hand washing and other hygienic purposes.”

Principal of the Pioneer Prep, Esther Robinson said: “Every bit counts, so I’m really elated this morning and I wish to say thank you to Digicel. Thank you so much.”

The water tanks valued at over ECD$11, 000, will be installed at Pioneer’s Checkhall location.

The tanks were sourced by J. Astaphan & Company Ltd.

digicel water tank2