Thomas Holmes

Thomas Holmes

Another organization in Dominica has added its voice to the ongoing gay rights discussion which is raging on the island.

Caribbean Male Acton Network (CariMan) Dominica Chapter Inc has declared that it will not support Minority Right Dominica’s (MiriDom) calls to revisit the laws on buggery presently on the books.

President of CariMan Thomas Holmes said the organisation cannot condone nor promote the ideals, mandate, or work plan of any particular group.

Holmes admitted that although he is unaware of what exactly the group is asking for CariMan is not prepared to support them in any move to change the island’s buggery laws.

“If we know that any group including MiriDom is involved in any sort of activity that may be contrary to the law of the land, then we cannot condone that,” he said at a press conference on Monday.

Holmes noted further that the buggery laws are part of the island’s laws and CariMan is not in a position to speak on behalf of MiriDom on that matter.

“We cannot go on behalf of MiriDom and say remove it or say let them be who they want to be because it is on our laws,” he said. “And we all heard what the Prime Minister said, which is it cannot be repealed at this moment.”

He said CariMan’s stance is “respect everyone” and and it will not support anyone who use violence against the group. “But we cannot support their mandate, their ideals or what they may be asking for,” he said.