The celebrations will be held at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium

Minister of Social Services, Family and Gender Affairs, Catherine Daniel, has called on Dominicans to turn out in large numbers to celebrate the island’s 39th anniversary of Independence on Friday, November 3, despite a shortened program due to the passage of Hurricane Maria.

The celebrations are expected to begin at 8:55 am at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium under the theme, “Building a Bright Future Together.”

Speaking at the daily government press briefing on Tuesday, she said Dominica is not daunted by the ravages of Maria and Dominicans still believe in nation building.

“And so we cannot let 39 years of Independence pass us by because of our situation now,” she stated.

She pointed out that Dominicans are a resilient people and resilience can only be tested or manifested by actions taken.

“And so what better way to show our resilience than to come to this event to participate,” Daniel noted. “On this day let’s show the level of patriotism that we should have, let’s fly our flags. Those of you whose clothes have not been washed away by Maria, who still have our Wob Dwiyet or whatever cultural item you have to show your national pride on that day, please wear it. Come to the stadium with your flag. I invite all of you to be there. This is the way we can showcase how resilient we are.”

She said Dominicans should turn out in large numbers “to bring out the vibrancy to the country.”

“Let’s all of us come together at this time to show that we can build a brighter future together, build a brighter nation together,” Daniel stated.

She also appealed to citizens to use the occasion as a time of reflection.

“Now is the time that the forces of nature have beckoned us to come together, to work together in unity, in strength, in love, in peace and in gratitude to bring back our country to a level where we can all live together happily,” she noted.

The program will include an ecumenical service, a cultural expose, a military parade and guard of honor, an address to the nation by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit,