dbs-radioChairman of the DBS Board of Director, Rosie Mills, has expressed concern over what he said are character assassination and programs calculated to incite people to break the law on other radio stations in Dominica.

Speaking at a function to observe the station’s 45 anniversary on the weekend, he did not name the radio stations but said radio has lost its fervor and divine intervention is needed.

According to Mills, there are numerous radio stations now operating on the island.

“And that’s fine,” he stated. “Information gets about faster and in the age of information and technology, that is a given.”

However, he said he has a problem with some radio stations.

“But what irks me is when some stations allow themselves to used by persons to character assassinate others,” he stated. “This throws the whole fraternity into disarray and worse, when those stations have programs calculated to incite persons to break the law, then radio has really lost its fervor and we need divine intervention.”

Mills said the issue can be fixed.

“Can we fix this, you ask, of course, we can,” he said. “If we only take commitment from a committed people and the resolve to do a 360.”