Recipients of the equipment pose with officials

Minister for Commerce, Enterprise and Small Business Development, Roslyn Paul has commended the collaborative efforts of the National Authorizing Officer (NAO) for the European Development Fund and Invest Dominica Authority (IDA) in presenting the Dominica Manufacturers Association (DMA) with new equipment for agro-processing.

Speaking at a ceremony on Wednesday at the National Development Foundation of Dominica, Paul said that Agro-processing is “very important for adding value to our goods” and through exports, foreign exchange opportunities are increased.

“This is the adverse to what has been happening for a decade where we export our primary products and therefore our total value,” she said.

Paul outlined the objectives of the new equipment and machinery presented as it relates to the productivity of the Agro-processors.

Not only will the items improve the Agro-processors capacity, but it will also, according to Paul, improve the processing of the goods, reduce processing time, increase the volume of goods, improve the quality of the products and help gain import substitution and better meet market standards.

Paul stated that the manufacturing sector is “a major contributor to employment, economic growth and with great potential for expansion.”

The Dominica Manufacturer’s Association represents the interest of all manufacturers in Dominica and was founded on May 5th 2011.

The presentation was made under the European Union’s Banana Accompanying Measure (BAM).