Doctrove said the Olympic movement is big

President of the Dominica Olympic Committee (DOC) Billy Doctrove has announced that the DOC is now in search of its own property and will soon be hiring a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to manage its affairs.

“We even recently looked at a building that sometime soon we will want to purchase to make your home, your Olympic house like you have the Football House in Bath Estate. Most of the islands in the Caribbean already have their Olympic house with St. Lucia becoming the latest addition,” Doctrove said.

He did not give the location of the building but assured affiliates and the general public that like the rest of the region, the move was the way to go.

“They will soon be opening their Olympic House this month in St. Lucia and I have been invited to that opening ceremony but declined since the cost of that trip is to be borne by the DOC I will send a congratulatory email instead,” he revealed.

Doctrove spoke of the importance of having an Olympic House.

“We need our own Olympic home…the Olympic movement is a very big industry and we cannot afford to treat it as a back yard industry or a back yard shop. We have to put our house in order so that we can maximize the opportunities out there so that we can give our athletics the greatest chance to fulfill the potential of our many talented athletes that we have,” he stated.

He stressed the importance of having a CEO.

“The DOC and the Olympic movement is huge and for us to maximize the benefits of our own efforts, we need to be in a better position to access all the funds out there available to us…this a time-consuming job and we need someone there full time to do that,” Doctrove said.

He stated that “we cannot afford to run the DOC as a little back yard structure we have to make a difference and expose ourselves to the international world.”

“We have to make a difference and a change,” he remarked.