Dominica is being represented by Emmanuel Nanthan

Shanghai, China (April 20, 2017) — The Head of Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Unit, Ambassador Emmanuel Nanthan is in Shanghai, China where he is participating in the 2017 International Migration Summit.

The three-day citizenship and residence conference began on Wednesday, April 19th and will end on Friday, April 21st and is being attended by more than 300 immigration professionals.

Among the numerous programmes on the agenda at the conference is the United States of America’s EB-5 and E-2 Visa Programme and Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Programme.

Dominica’s Nanthan delivered the keynote address on Wednesday which focused on the features that have made Dominica’s CBIP arguably the most popular investor immigration programme in the world. It was only recently that the Investment Migration Council (IMC), an international self-regulating body of citizenship and residence by investment professional referenced Dominica’s programme as one of the best programmes worldwide.

Reacting to that reference, Ambassador Nanthan stated, “They keep telling me Dominica is their best Programme, and that it is doing exceedingly well. The fact that the IMC itself is pointing this out stands as further testimony to the fact that Dominica is on top.”

Dominica’s programme features two options for pathways to citizenship: a US$100,000 donation to the Economic Diversification Fund (EDF), or a US$200,000 investment in an approved real estate project.

Ambassador Nanthan stressed that Dominica’s CBIP will continue to do well because it will keep on evolving, and respond responsibly to the needs of applicants and of the people of Dominica – present and future. He highlighted one example where Dominica plans to launch an online, multi-purpose system. The system will allow Dominica’s CBI Unit to upload and store applicant information, enable agents to track the status of their clients’ applications and provide applicants with the opportunity to pay due diligence fees online.