DOMLEC's crew in action. Photo: Facebook

DOMLEC’s crew in action. Photo: Facebook

PRO of DOMLEC, Adina Bellot-Vallentine, has said electricity has been restored to the majority of the island following the passage of Tropical Storm Matthew on Wednesday.

She said in a live interview on state-owned DBS Radio on Friday morning that power was restored to up to 80 percent of the island and assured that everything should be back to normal by today.

“Restoration going pretty well,” she said. “Up to eight o’clock last night we had restored to 80 percent of the island and so far this morning news from our system control operators, more areas were connected last night…”

She said DOMLEC crews worked up to midnight on Thursday to ensure that as many customers as possible were connected.

“We are really happy with the progress we are making as far as restoration is concerned,” she noted.

Despite this, Bellot-Vallentine said there are areas where worked has to be done because of downed power lines.

“So those lines have to be pulled back up…” she noted.

She urged customers in localized areas with no electricity to contact the company

“We still want to urge persons who have not received power – as I said there are localized areas – we still want the customers to call in and let us know because sometimes in certain areas we are not aware,” she explained.

DOMLEC customers are advised to call 448-4237, 811 or 255-6002 to report any damage or any concerns.

“We are working hard to continue to make sure everything is back to normal by today,” Bellot-Vallentine said.

During the passage of Tropical Storm Matthew, large portions of Dominica were left without electricity.