water bucketDominicans has been urged to store water for the eventuality of an interruption in supply as the island continues to be affected by a trough system.

That advice is coming from the Dominica Water and Sewage Company (DOWASCO).

“DOWASCO urges its customers and members of the general public to keep water in storage in the event of interruption in the water supply,” DOWASCO’s Public Relations Officer Edward Registe said.

He noted that the passage of Tropical Storm Erika had severely affected the company’s operations and restoration works have been only temporary.

“The restoration works are still very temporary and the system remains vulnerable and could be impacted by heavy rains, landslides, flooding’s and rivers and streams,” Registe noted. “Over the past few days Dominica has been experiencing more than average rainfall and it is expected that this weather system could continue for the next few days.”

He remarked that the company will continue to ensure that potable water is supplied to its customers where the supply has been interrupted and will continue working towards the restoration of water to all communities where the supply has not yet been restored.

The country is presently being affected by a trough system which is currently generating unstable conditions across the island chain.

Satellite and Radar imagery indicate that moderate to heavy showers and isolated thunderstorms have been affecting Dominica throughout the day.

As a result a Flood Warning remains in effect until 6:00 pm today, Friday.

The authorities are warning people in flood-prone, mudslide and rock fall areas to be on the look out.

Those in already vulnerable disaster areas namely Petite Savanne, Dubique, Coulibistrie, Boetica, Colihaut, Campbell, Fond St. Jean, Pichelin, Check Hall, Good Hope and Paradise Valley in Bath Estate are particularly advised to exercise extreme caution and where necessary move to safer locations.