Darroux said he saw unity in Petite Savanne after Erika

Parliamentary representative of the Petite Savanne Constituency, Dr. Kenneth Darroux said Tropical Storm Erika has strengthened the sense of unity among the residents of Petite Savanne.

The Minister made that statement while addressing the World Teacher’s Day Healing Mass held at Our Lady of Fatima Church at Newtown on Friday.

Tropical Storm Erika devastated sections of the island on August 27 and Petite Savanne was among the hardest hit areas. The community has since been declared unsafe and residents evacuated.

He noted that following the passage of the storm there was an enormous sense of unity among residents of Petite Savanne.

“I think Erika had taught us a lot in that if we put our minds together and if we unite we can achieve great things … I did see unity in Petite Savanne,” he said. “Doesn’t matter whether you had an eight bedroom mansion, doesn’t matter if you had a 2 x 4, a shack, everybody ended up being on the same page.”

He noted that such times are not for division or, “petty quarrels and petty politics, religion, social class.”

“Because I being on the ground in Petite Savanne from the moment that happen I realize for a few hours everybody was on the same page,” Dr.Darroux remarked.

He stated that certain people in society are looked down upon because of thier religious beliefs, social class or economic standing but Erika changed all that.

“What Erika showed me is that for this few hours, especially immediately after the storm and during the vacation period, that everybody forgot for one minute who they were and everybody was just one mind,” he stated.

Darroux said the people of Petite Savanne must be commended for such thinking.