Nicholas George

Nicholas George

The improvement of three existing homes for the elderly that will bring much needed relief to its occupants, is said to be on course.

Secretary of the Dominica Council on Ageing (DCOA), Nicholas George, has said that funding will be finalized by the end of this month, .

George made the remarks during a press conference announcing a series of events to observe the Month of the Elderly.

He said the project, which is expected to cost no less than US $400,000 and not more than US$655,000, is being funded by the Caribbean Development Disaster Risk Management Fund.

This facility is sponsored by the Caribbean Development Bank with grant funding from the United Kingdom and Canada.

“We are likely to finalize on the 30th of September the preparations for approval,” he stated.

The funds are available for organizations to apply to finance projects that would assist communities in building resilience to the effects of disasters outlined with change. The DCOA received a call for proposals from their partner in Jamaica and decided to take on the challenge, according to George.

The House of Hope in Delices, the Mahaut home for the Aged and the Portsmouth Home for the Aged are the three homes targeted.

George explained that the bank has given them credit for the concept note and asked them to go to phase two.

“The application form … we did that, submitted it on time and this week we received word that the project looks feasible and it would go to phase three which is the project proposal and that is the most challenging part. Because we now have to come up with specific costing and so on. We are to put a project that would cost not less than US $ 400,000 and not more than US$ 655, 000,” he said.

He noted that the organization is seeking to install solar generating plants at the four facilities that is to help with climate change, solar heating systems where necessary, large storage water tanks, and in Colihaut, to have a modern model emergency shelter.

Meantime, the first ever national rally and the school awareness program are among highlights of the Month of the Elderly.

The President of Dominica launched the Month of the Elderly on DBS on Monday.

Other activities for the month include media airing of inserts of five centenarians, a town hall-style meeting on Disasters and the Elderly on Friday 13th, Social and Folk Night on the 14th, Grand Parents Day on the 8th, School Awareness program/ Dollar Day on the 16th, Church Service on the 22nd, the National Rally on the 29th. The International Day of Older Persons will climax with the Prime Minister’s Message on October 1.

Month of the Elderly is observed throughout September under the theme ‘Come, walk in my shoes.”