Some of those who participated in HIKE FEST

Some of those who participated in HIKE FEST

HIKE FEST 2013 came to a close on Saturday May 18, with 77 hikers taking part in the final day of Hike & Jazz.

This featured a maroon heritage hike to Jacko Flats/Jacko Steps followed by a live music session Riverside Jazz & Creole at Riverstone Bar & Grill in Belles.

This year, under the theme “Celebrating Traditions Old & New”, HIKE FEST presented the usual 3 Saturday hikes as part of Tourism Awareness Month, but also added the new element of a Sunday hike in collaboration with Kairi FM, and weekday hikes during the week of Pentecost, leading in to the Jazz n Creole festival.

This year, Hike Festers came from the Netherlands, France, England, Germany, China, Congo, Nigeria, Iran, Haiti, USA, Canada, St Martin, Barbados, Martinique, Jamaica, Antigua and of course many from Dominica.

The levels of participation and enthusiasm were excellent, with 74 hikers doing Segment 7 of the WNT, 45 taking the Boiling Lake Challenge and 77 exploring Jacko Flats/Jacko Steps!

The presentation of a week of Hike & Jazz generated good interest; this combination is expected to attract more visitors to Dominica during the HIKE FEST period, for exciting packages featuring spectacular hiking and Creole jazz music in the Nature Island!  The dates have been set for 2014…Saturday 24 May 2014, and Saturday 31 May to Saturday 7 June!  HIKE FEST: still 3 Saturday hikes, PLUS the NEW feature of a week of Hike & Jazz!!

HIKE FEST is getting bigger and better with the support of local and regional hiking enthusiasts, our membership and our corporate sponsors.

The DHTA does not take this support for granted and will pursue growing partnerships with our sponsor partners – Digicel, the Discover Dominica Authority, the Waitukubuli National Trail, LOUBIERE Spring Water, Jolly’s Pharmacy, DOMLEC, HHV Whitchurch/UNILEVER/Lipton Teas, GATORADE, and Cool Breeze Tours.  We would like to present certificates to show and place on record our sincere appreciation to each of our sponsors.

We would also like to recognize the winners of our raffles and other prize draws!  Our avid Hike Festers seem to have dominated the draws this year…!

-Fabien Jules – Complimentary lunch for two from DIVE DOMINICA and one smart phone from DIGICEL

Other winners are:

– Liz Madisetti!    Complimentary lunch for 2, RIVERSTONE Bar & Grill

– Gwenith Whitford!  Prize of dinner for 2 from OLD STONE Grill & Bar

– Tamara Karam!    Prize of whale watch for 2 from ANCHORAGE Hotel Whale Watch & Dive Centre

– Wilco Sikkema!     Gift voucher from HHV Whitchurch & Co Ltd.