Jendal Lawrence with JCI members

Junior Chamber International–JCI Dominica, has announced the winner in its “Dream Come True” Christmas raffle. 

Canefield resident Jendal Lawrence, was fortunate to have his number selected from a field of 512 to win a round trip ticket to any L’Express Des Iles destination of his choice.  A joyful Lawrence said he would be taking “full advantage of the opportunity to travel”.

The winning sheet was number 38 and winning participant number, 5. The prize, sponsored by L’Express Des Iles was presented at the HHV Witchurch office on Wednesday 28th, December.

The raffle was the first fundraiser held towards the sustenance of JCI’s“Dream Come True”, a programme that seeks to empower young individuals in helping them to realize their dream and create positive change in the society.

“We are so grateful for the support from various businesses towards the successful execution of our first raffle in the Dream Come True initiative: HHV Whitchurch& Co. Ltd., L’Express Des Iles, Mergenesis, GPS Services, & Digital Solutions,” Calvia Timothy, President of JCI Dominica, said. “These collaborations will assist us in making meaningful contributions to the community.”