Boston shortly after his release from police custody

Secretary General of the Dominican Freedom Party (DFP), Johnson Boston, has said the taking into custody of members of opposition parties by the police is an act of “suppressing democracy” carried out by the government.

His statement was made following his release from Police Headquarters on Friday after he was taken into custody for questioning.

The DFP was part of a public meeting which took place in Roseau on February 7 calling for the resignation of Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit.
Following the meeting violence engulfed Roseau and the police have said they have an obligation to investigate the matter. They say they will be bringing people in for questioning.

Boston thinks that a “wild cat” type of arrest is taking place and believes that the government is behind it all.

“It is politically motivated to suppress democracy, to frighten people, to prevent them from coming out and express their views,” he said.

He also said that it can only be a “dumb Prime Minster” that will believe a simple public meeting could overthrow a government.

“No serious government would think this. To overthrow a government, you would have the military on your side, you would have arms and all of those things…who would be mad in their head to go to the Financial Center and say ‘I come to take the Prime Minister seat’? Obviously, you would be arrested, you would be killed,” Boston said.

He noted that he does not feel intimidated but rather a sense of pity for the country.

“I just feel sorry for the country that we can find ourselves in that situation. I have seen demonstrations, I have seen strikes, I have seen people protesting, expressing their views, but I have never seen leaders and supporters been interrogated like I am seeing now,” he said.

Boston has described the government of Dominica as “very coward” and a “worthless government.”

“This government is not focused on what the country is asking for…it seems they have a motive to suppress democracy and to scare people so that they will not come out and express their views when they do wrong. When you do wrong, you must take responsibility for your wrong,” he stated.

Boston called for Dominicans to stay calm and to “do what we have to do” in an orderly and peaceful manner.

Boston was the third person to be taken into custody since the disturbances.

United Workers Party (UWP) members Thomson Fontaine and Claudius Sanford were also taken into custody. Fontaine was released without charge while Sanford was charged with obstruction.