Leblanc addressed a workshop on Monday. File photo

Labour Commissioner in the Ministry of Justice, Immigration and National Security Dr. Matthew Leblanc has stated that employers and business managers must remember that employees play a vital role in productivity and so must know that “work is a question of human dignity.”

He was speaking at the opening ceremony of a ‘Workshop on Productivity Improvements for Small and Micro Enterprises’ held at the Fort Young hotel on Monday morning.

Leblanc said that the status of an employee and his/her work should hold the same level of importance as any other position within a company, and that “human element is usually lacking.”

“Business Managers in the haste to convert their business into the necessary profit-oriented activity usually ignore the very important fact that work is a question of human dignity, and that the employee is as equally important as the machinery, the management, managerial staff, executives and so on. That human element is usually lacking,” he said.

He proposed various ways of solving such issues in the workplace and simultaneously enhancing productivity where basic human right are to be respected.

“We must begin with the recognition and respect for basic human right, and the acknowledgment of work as a matter of human dignity,” he said.
Leblanc stated that employers must acknowledge the employee as an “integral part of the business.”

“The employer must develop an attitude of acknowledging the importance of an employee, not only as a productive tool, not only as machinery but as an integral part of the business,” Leblanc noted.

He affirmed that the questions of health and safety, wages and basic human interaction, cooperate and institutional interpersonal communication “has to be enhanced.”

“The employer in this regard will have much less effort in micro-managing or in monitoring, disciplining and even terminating employment,” Leblanc said.

He advises that the human element “not be removed or divorced” from the considerations that are to be discussed when trying to solve various work related issues.