The dream of one Dominican to be home with her child has turned into a nightmare as industrial action by LIAT left her stranded in two different airports since Tuesday.

Jeniffer (not her real name) left the British Virgin Island on Tuesday bound for Dominica. But the trip was to take an unexpected turn as industrial action by pilots left LIAT airplane grounded across the Caribbean. The strike left her stranded at the airport in BVI on Tuesday and Wednesday with no accommodation or meals from the airline.

She finally made it to Antigua on Thursday and although LIAT provided accommodation, she is now stranded there also.

“I have a child home waiting and expecting me since Tuesday and all I do is call her and give her stories why I can’t make it home because she cannot understand me saying that the plane is not flying today over and over again,” she told Dominica News Online from the airport in Antigua. “I have always tried not to disappoint my child but thanks to LIAT I am now the mom whose words cannot be trusted.”

In a press release this morning LIAT said that all flights would be operating as normal today but this has brought no comfort for Jeniffer since she said was supposed to be on the 7 am flight but was knocked off. “For whatever reason, I have no idea but I hold a boarding pass for that flight,” she said.

“I am very upset and I cannot think clearly,” she continued.  “I am still at the Antigua airport. They offered to take me back to a hotel but I refused to go.  According to them, we MAY get on the 5 pm flight.”

To make matter worse was the fact that when stranded passengers complained they would be taking their stories to the media, Jennifer said a LIAT agent’s response was, “Oh well, more publicity for LIAT.”

Presently Jeniffer is still at the airport in Antigua unsure of what will happen next. All she wants is to get to Dominica and home.