Bully is proposing a day care center for the elderly

Bully is proposing a daycare centre for the elderly

Loneliness and isolation are two major problems the elderly in Dominica has to deal with Board Member of the Dominica Council On Ageing (DCOA), Colin Bully, proposing a day-care centre for the elderly to combat the problem.

“For example, we are finding that one of the major problems for older people may be loneliness, isolation,” he said. “You know in the past the older people went to church very often, that is a form of socialization, they are not doing it anymore, then they get isolated.”

He believes a place must be set up for the elderly to socialize.

“I am suggesting that we have to start looking developing day-care centres for elderly people where they can go in and socialize,” he noted.

Meantime, he is also exploring the idea of the Dominica State College (DSC) setting up a Peace Corps-like organisation to do research and data gathering on older people.

“What I would really like to see, the council (DCOA) is a voluntary group basically and as Dominicans, we have to start looking at what assistance can we get from younger persons or from other institutions,” he noted.

He asked, “Can we start thinking of developing a cadre, like a Peace Corps, this Peace Corps model of young persons who will get involved in the research, developing a database on developing the models for delivery for us?”

Bully’s remark came ahead of the 3rd Caribbean Conference on Ageing, Elder Abuse and the Rights of Older Persons which is carded for the 30th of November to December 1, 2015, under the theme: Building the Framework for a Regional Response to Elder Abuse.

The conference will be held at the Fort Young Hotel for the first time in Dominica.

Between 75-100 persons across the region are expected to attend.