“I didn’t steal any wine from the President’s party, I didn’t steal any beer from the president’s party, if anybody has that notion I think that’s a very dim notion,” Mayor of the City of Roseau Cecil Joseph has been telling Dominica News Online.

It has been making the rounds and the allegation even found itself in one of the 2012 calypsoes, that Mayor Joseph “stole” some alcoholic beverages from the President’s Independence Anniversary party last November.

Asked about that matter on Wednesday by Dominica news Online, Mayor Joseph wasn’t keen to respond to what he considers politically-motivated mischief making, and an attempt to sully his name.

But he agreed with DNO that it was necessary to clear the air on that matter.

It appears to be popularly accepted that the allegation of theft of drinks has some merit.

However the mayor says that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“You know Dominicans – how could you go to an activity and steal the drinks,” Joseph said in dismissing the claim.

He told DNO that the bartender who served him, can testify that he Joseph didn’t grab any drinks without permission, but that he requested a number of drinks that were handed over to him.

Joseph,  who told DNO he does not drink alcohol, said he request the drinks – one bottle of wine and three beers – and then  “handed those same items to people who were at the function that saw about us, and I have no qualms about that”.

“The barman knows for a fact that I requested, and he knows that he took his hand and gave me the drinks,” the mayor reiterated.

“It’s really a shame to know as a people that we will try to bring down the names of people because of quote-unquote political motive,” the mayor concluded.