Dear BellaI was in an abusive relationship for years and I finally got out. The man made me feel insecure and would hurt me in every possible way.

I promised myself that I wouldn’t get into a relationship again because of what I went through, however I got myself into a relationship with this amazing guy. He was my friend for a number of years but it is only now that we have the chance to be together.

The only problem is that he has a girlfriend but I know that he loves me so much. He makes me happy and I would hate to lose him. It always hurts me so much whenever he tells me she is by his home for the weekend. The thought of him being with her is unbearable.

He tells me the only reason he doesn’t live her is because she never give him a reason to and he is not into hurting people.

What should I do?


Dear Confused,

This is a relationship you should stay away from. First of all, this new boyfriend already has a girlfriend and it is obvious he has no intention of leaving her for you.

Secondly, your new boyfriend is lying to you. He said that he is not into hurting people but obviously he is hurting you. This is not what true love is all about.

I encourage you to forget about that guy. Move on. I am sure there is another guy out there who will accept you and who does not have another girlfriend spending weekends with him.

Good luck.


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