The Prime Minister spoke during a live interview on Friday morning

Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, has called for what he described as a “political ceasefire” in Dominica during the Christmas holidays.

Speaking during a live interview on state-owned DBS Radio, he said Christmas this year must find Dominicans as “one loving, caring and sharing people.”

“There is no place in Christmas 2017 for race, creed, gender or political persuasion,” he stated. “I want to call a halt today to all these considerations. I want a political ceasefire in Dominica this Christmas. It doesn’t matter whether your nieghbour is red, blue, green or pink, reach out to them and spread the spirit of Christmas.”

The Prime Minister stated the world is “politically charged” but Dominicans should embrace each other as “brothers and sisters.”

He encouraged all to buy extra gifts during the holidays.

“Today and tomorrow as we shop for our children, buy an extra gift for Child X in the community,” Skerrit noted. “You may not now know who Child X is but trust me by Monday evening you will. When you cook on Sunday night or Monday morning, cook a little extra, be in the position to have something extra just in case.”

He added that people of different religious persuasions should also follow the same idea.

“If you are a Protestant, as they call them, and your neighbour is Catholic, that shouldn’t be a consideration in reaching out to your neighbour…” he pointed out.

He remarked that Hurricane Maria caused every Dominican to “come to a state of humility.”

“And we have to be careful as citizens of the country that we do not lose sight of the lessons which Maria taught all of us with no exception,” the Prime Minister stated.