The Prime Minister spoke at a town hall meeting recently

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, has condemned the inclusion of children in politics, especially on social media.

In speaking at a recent town hall meeting, Skerrit said that in his time as a politician, never has he included the children of other politicians in the field.

“I have been in active politics for seventeen years and I have never gone to attack an opponent’s family, never brought their children into politics. For us in the Labour Party Government that is a no-no, stay away from that,” he said.

Skerrit spoke about his children’s names appearing in the politics of social media. This, he described as “a lack of decency.”

“Where is the decency? What does a three-year-old have to do with politics? What does a one-year-old have to do with politics? These people are not about representing people,” he stated.

Despite all of this, Skerrit has made it known that his government will not react in a like manner.

“You will never hear me bringing in any parliamentarian’s children into politics in a negative way. If I have to mention their names,  [it] is something positive and constructive I will have to say about these people,” He remarked.