Dominica and Dominicans are in crises
It’s not all about politics but also human injustice

“Don’t you hear my cry ?”

For nine months I was the center of your world
You carried me within you and me you long to one day hold
When you went into labour you were so excited
‘Cause a precious baby is what you expected
I was born with my ten finger ten toes perfect body cute nose
But happiness wasn’t on your face but woes
Why did you abandon me
Didn’t you like, didn’t you love me
I never ask to be born
But here I am your child your son
You subject me to pure misery inhumanity and pain
At nights I cried and wondered why I wasn’t wanted by you again
They treated me like something wild something savage
So they locked me up and put me in a cage
Mother, father, granny, neighbour please tell me why
You saw me suffering but turn a blind eye
Didn’t you listen didn’t you hear my cry
I never ask to be born but here I am your child your son
But you turned your back, and you  were gone