Joshua Francis is MP for Roseau South

Parliamentary Representative for the Roseau South Constituency, Attorney Joshua Francis has condemned the recent “senseless” shootings in Dominica, saying there appears to be a cloud of darkness hanging over the island.

He was speaking during a live video on Facebook moments after 25-yr-old Curtson Charles of Silver Lake was shot dead in that community on Wednesday night.

There have been four reported shooting incidents this month with three being fatal.

“Once again as the Parliamentary Representative of the Roseau South Constituency, I condemn the killings in my constituency and everywhere else Dominica,” he said. “There is no rational and no justification for anyone in any part of the country to get on a vehicle, drive into a community and shoot another person.”

He said no one knows that details of what transpired between the Charles and the alleged shooters but, according to him, it cannot be rational.

He stated that it is never right for people to settle their differences by shooting and is a sign that the society is unable to mediate its differences.

“It means that as a society we have also lost the ability to mediate, we have lost the ability to settle our differences by mediation,” Francis explained. “Our value system has broken, it has been destroyed…”

He added, “It is really sad as a Parliamentary Representative having gone through a long day listening to people’s problems to hear of another shooting.”

Francis said Dominicans to wake up because something isn’t right in the country.

“Too much darkness and too much sadness are walking to and through the corners of this country,” Francis lamented. “Let us wake up and let us take back our country, let us take back our families, let us take back our schools, let us take back our religions and let us take back our communities.”

He stated further that one also has to question the issue of illegal firearms in Dominica.

“Where are these guns coming from? Who are the suppliers? Who are the people in possession? How many young men are armed with illegal firearm?” Francis asked. “What do we intend to do about what appears to be the prevalence of illegal firearm among our young men? What can we do? How do we intend to tackle it? Are we going to have a unified front? Are we going to combat it as a community? Are we going once again to fight among ourselves even in fighting against an enemy? Are we going to pass the appropriate legislation? Are we going to be motivated to help one another to rid of that demon which is walking to and through the island?”

He said it is time for Dominica to put away partisanship, pettiness, fighting, “this demonization, this destruction.”

“It is taking us nowhere as a nation,” Francis stressed. “The way it is right now if we continue that trend we are going to have a serious problem at hand.”