The fire left about 60 people homeless

Parliamentary Representative of the Roseau South constituency, Attorney-at-Law Joshua Francis has said he is very happy that the government of Dominica is facilitating the construction of Phase 3 of the housing project to develop the lives of residents of Silver Lake.

About 20 families lost all their belongings and were left homeless following a massive fire in the community on the night of December 26th, 2016.

On Tuesday, a ground-breaking and signing ceremony of the Silver Lake Apartments Phase 3 project was held. The apartments will be occupied by those affected by the fire.

“This afternoon with the ground-breaking ceremony to rebuild the physical buildings and structures, I must say that we are very happy that the government of Dominica in meeting its role is, in fact, providing the facilitation for the construction of this apartment which is Phase 3 of the housing project to develop and enhance the quality of life for the Silver Lake people,” Francis said at the ceremony.

He said as the Parliamentary representative, he is very much aware that the people of Silver Lake want an improvement in the quality of life, “and the ground-breaking ceremony this afternoon basically will assist in the furtherance of the improvement of the lives of the people.”

He called on the residents of the Silver Lake community to provide support and assistance in the process of the construction of the building.

“Make sure that you help to protect the equipment being used by the constructors in whatever way you can, help provide security, provide encouragement so that the building or the construction of this apartment will be completed in the shortest period of time,” he urged.

Francis added, “I also hope that a few persons here in the community will obtain a few jobs as I am sure the construction will require a few persons skilled and semi-skilled.”

A total of 12 units will form the apartment complex. All units will include a bathroom, a kitchen, living space area and an entry porch.

The project is expected to begin on February 1 and completed by August 2017 and cost $1.6-million.