Our Daddy and sister, Carol

Today is Father’s Day!

And so, on behalf of all the boys and girls, wives and mothers, who may have forgotten about the man of their life, who is also known as father, I take this privilege to say to that special man, “Happy Father’s Day” and I wish for the best of this day, on your behalf.

However, there is no way that I have forgotten my own father; I hope that most of the children, young and old, who are out there, can speak that same sentiment, as mine here.

Now, I take this opportunity to give thanks to our God of Love for giving me a loving father in this world. Again, I give thanks to God that He has kept my daddy alive and healthy for as long as 80 years, I am now remembering that Monday June 18, is his birthday. I wish that most of you can say the same about your father—regardless of his age on this day.

Love was all that my daddy had to share with me, and yes! Love was all I needed from him. There are so many ways my daddy showed us how much he loved us. One of those most frequent ways were the days when he would come home from a hard day’s work, but he did not complain about being tired; instead he seemed even more refreshed, as he started the fire, to prepare a hearty supper for us, his children and his wife, our mother.

Ten of us, eight grown women and two grown men, with children of our own, are alive today; to call him Daddy or Grandpa; we are all proud of him. I pray that the day will come when I will have the privilege of spending as much time with him before our days in this world comes to an end.

Nonetheless, as I speak to you about my father, and our father of this world, we need to remain in focussed of the fact that God Almighty, through His Person of Love—who is Jesus Christ—is the only Father we will know in the Life of Eternity, because of His Love for us.

The apostle John is my conviction, as he tells us: “Behold what manner of Love the Father has bestowed on us, that we should be called “children of God”. This scripture is spoken at 1st John 3: verse 1 It is one among the many scriptures which tells us God is willing to have us become reconciled to Him as children because He wants to be our Father.

Some of you may be wandering this world, not knowing the where-about of your father—and whether he is alive or dead. Scriptures like the one above should be your comfort and consolation: God is Love and He wants to be the loving Father you never knew. Why not allow Him to be that Father to you, by your faith in Him?

To the rest of us, let us not neglect that father we now know—especially our biological father. Through God’s plan for your Life and mine, in this word, He needed to use the seed of our father, flourished in our mother’s womb, that we might enter this world. Nonetheless God’s plan continues in our Life—but by our choice. This plan is that we return to Him, like the lamb without blemish, that He might own us as His children, redeemed by the blood of His Son, Jesus Christ—He, being the greatest Father of Love, which a human being will ever have.

In the meantime, Fathers of this world, I hope for a blessedness of your Life on this Special Day of yours. Happy Fathers’ Day: From Elizabeth Lina Xavier