John Robert Hart

Information reaching DNO indicates that homosexual cruise ship passengers alleged to have been involved in public sexual acts are in police custody at the CID Department.

The police  were called in after the men were seen publicly engaging in sexual activity.

One individual with information on the matter told DNO that “they were informed of the laws of Dominica and they were well aware that their acts would be considered a criminal offence”.

Police Chief Cyrille Carrette has confirmed that  two males from California, John Robert Hart and Dennis Jay Mayer, have been charged for indecent exposure and are expected to appear in court on Thursday morning.

The men were also initially charge with buggery but Carrette said on Wednesday evening that charge will take too long to expedite, hence the men will only be charged with indecent exposure.

The visit of the cruise ship to Dominica apparently carrying only male passengers is generating heated debate online, especially on Dominica News Online after the website posted the story earlier Wednesday.

The ship evoked mixed reaction from observers who noted that “only men” were disembarking from the “Celebrity X Cruises” ship docked at the bayfront.

Some members of the public gathered there appeared not amused with the development.

A few told Dominica News Online that they were protesting what they consider to be “immoral behavior” on that cruise ship.

Dennis Jay Mayer

One hair braider told DNO that she was “mentally disturbed, first time I am seeing that in my life”.

Some eyewitnesses claim to have seen what they described as sexual activity taking place on the ship said to be carrying only male cruise passengers.

“It’s wrong, it’s dirty, they can’t do that so publicly.  They need to respect us and our land,” another angry onlooker said.

Another individual said the nation should have been informed of the development instead of it being sprung as a surprise on Dominicans.

There was an SSU and reinforced police presence on the scene.

Busloads of only male passengers have been seen taking brief tours around the capital.

Gay cruise tourism has been a talking point around the region, with some islands more flexible than others about their approach to the matter.


The ship in port

SSU officers at the Bayfront on Wednesday morning