protestersProtesters who gathered outside parliament on Thursday morning have demanded that the government make public a geothermal Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) done in the Roseau Valley.

“We want the EIA to be made a public document for the rest of the Dominican people to see what is in the EIA,” PRO of the Geothermal Awareness Committee in the Roseau Valley, Jeffrey Charles, said.

The government of Dominica has said it is pushing ahead with its geothermal project  in the Roseau Valley but the move has been met with opposition from some sectors who claim that it may have an impact on the environment and the island on a while

Placard bearing protesters gathered outside parliament on Thursday to express their dissatisfaction with the process so far.

“The country is at stake and in this southern part of the island, which is one of Dominica’s main tourist’s site, we fear that there will be serious economic and social implications with that geothermal development project,” Charles stated. “We also fear that there will be a lot of land acquisition and mass relocation of the valley.”

Secretary of the awareness committee, Alysha Charles-Marshal, was straight-forward in her approach to the matter. “We do not need it, we do not want it,” she said. “There are different other sources that the government can tap in for electricity.”

She said the people have been ‘fooled’ by the government on the project. “We are foolish to think that the government is going to decrease on the electricity bill,” she noted. “This is just a gimmick… it is not going to happen because the geothermal plant is not going to be our own.”

She was adamant that Roseau Valley residents do not want the geothermal project in their area. “We do not want geothermal in the Valley, period,” she remarked. “We have our tourism we can live on, we have our vegetables we can live on, we have other resources we can live on. We will pay our electricity bill like every other person.”

“We do not want geothermal in the communities,” Charles-Marshal insisted.