Francis said the UWP wants to grow the economy by six percent. File photo

United Workers party (UWP) Member of Parliament for the Roseau South constituency, Joshua Francis, has said that the party if elected, is looking to grow Dominica’s economy by “at least” six percent.

The economic goal was announced at a press conference held on Tuesday 16th May at the Prevost Cinemall.

Francis said that in boosting the economy by six percent, a domino effect will take place where there will be an increase in revenue circulation, which in turn will lead to more available jobs and an increase in the minimum wage.

“We are saying in Team Dominica, we want to grow the economy by at least six percent. A growth in the economy will mean more money in circulation. More money in circulation, more jobs available, and therefore those who are providing the jobs, there are employers, and we are hoping that there can be more employers than we have right now, consequently, the wages can increase,” Francis said.

As part of the plan, the UWP is setting its eye on engaging “alternative technologies.”

“In the Public Service Department, we expect an increase in wages but again the government has to find a way to cut on waste. We understand that government expenditure will bring some form of government investment but we are saying that, in Team Dominica, we are looking at alternative technology. We are looking at solar energy, we are looking at wind energy, we are looking at recycling plants,” he said.

He stated that all of this is an effort to cut down on the expenses, which, according to Francis, is one of the issues that “plagues Dominica’s economy,” and the government of Dominica is being “very flirtatious” in reducing costs.

“One of the problems which plague Dominica’s economy is the high cost of production. Electricity bills are very high. Now of course we have a government that has been very flirtatious as far as reducing cost of production, they have been talking about the geothermal movement, but what have we seen? Even within that department there has been waste,” he stated.

According to Francis, to combat this, the UWP “with the qualified, and competent, and dedicated people we have” will “find a way to reduce costs” which will lead to improvements of the “economic situation” in Dominica.