Casmine John

Casmine John said the “water tank” loans are designed to bring relief to WCCCU mmbers after TS Erika

In an effort to bring additional relief to its members and prospective members the West Coast Co-operative Credit Union (WCCCU) is now offering unsecured “Water Tank” loans.

The product was designed to bring relief to members following the passage of Tropical Storm Erika.

Marketing Officer of the WCCCU, Casmine John, told Dominica News Online (DNO) during the official launching ceremony of “Water Tank 400” last week, that the maximum loan amount under this facility is based on the size of the tank which is desired.

“So you will get $2,000 for a 200 gallon tank for only $69.00 monthly, $2,500 for a 400 gallon tank for only $86.00 monthly, $3,000 for a 600 gallon tank for only $104.00 monthly, $3,500 for an 800 gallon tank for only $121.00 monthly and $4,000 for a 1000 gallon tank for only $139.00 monthly,” she explained.

According to her, whichever loan is selected by the member will include the price of the tank, fittings and pipes required for installation as well as the cost of installation and transportation and the plumber’s fee.

She said that WCCCU has partnered with J. Astaphan & Co Ltd and that company has agreed to offer a greater discount to all WCCCU members who actually take the loan.

John encouraged everyone to come on board with the WCCCU and enjoy this and many of the other products available.